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Welcome to First Trade Ltd.Global Pharmaceutical Dropshipping Supplier

First Trade has been committed to providing you the best service to cover a wide range of your medical services with authentic and cutting-edge products.

over 800 brands

Distributing a wide range of over 800 brands of products

Distributing a wide range of over 800 brands of pharmaceutical products brand and generic, prescription and OTC, cosmetics, cosmeceuticals, medical devices,and dietary supplements etc.

global network

Our global network

Connecting with our global network of authorized wholesale/shipping partners in over 20 countries including United States, United Kingdom, Germany,Switzerland, Australia, Japan, Thailand, Singapore.

Highly experienced agent

Highly experienced agent

Arranging every shipment as a highly experienced agent with a commitment to establishing great business opportunities between our affiliated authorised wholesalers around the world and our clients by facilitating their business.

most updated information

Our service with the most updated information

Always providing our service with the most updated information in pharmaceutical/cosmetic industry transactions in pharmaceutical /cosmetic trading industry


Available for your “tailor-made” request

Available for your “tailor-made” request like as pharmaceutical/cosmetic OEM manufacturing, drop shipping arrangement.

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