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What is First Trade Ltd.?
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What is Dropshipping?

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How to start your business

Please contact us via email or contact form on this website. We will follow up with you and please read our Terms and Conditions carefully before you proceed your order.

Terms and Conditions

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Privacy Policy

FTL provide wholesale/dropshipping service based on your shipping requirement in the order and the following information is essential for our shipping arrangement:

- Buyer/Consignee’s name
- Buyer/Consignee’s telephone number
- Buyer/Consignee’s postal address
- Buyer’s email address, fax number etc. for corresponding (if applicable)

Please be informed that FTL shall use all information that is provided by you for the purpose of fulfilling your orders for products, order processing and payment clearing. For further details for our privacy policy, please find here.

What is the range of products that FTL offers?

Please find our price list from here. If you couldn’t find your specific products on our list, please contact with us. FTL will operate on a custom research upon your requirement.

How long will it take to receive my order?

It depends on what you order. For further details, please ask FTL.

Effectiveness and Directions of products

Please make sure what is the effectiveness and directions of use before you purchase your specified products.

Export/Import procedure for pharmaceutical products

Each of our affiliated shipper/wholesaler arranges all of your shipment by upholding international trade embargos and following shipping regulations in the country of export.
Of course we promise you to arrange your shipment according to your request timely once we confirmed 100% of the payment. However, please be informed that we don’t guarantee in case you are not able to receive our products in the designated country or region.

How do I know what countries FTL ships to?

FTL is able to accept your orders from almost any countries in the world where purchaser/importer is authorised to import by the government/statutory bodies.
We suggest checking the import regulation on your side prior to processing the order.

Payment Term

Basically we arrange your shipment upon confirming 100% of your payment. For further details for your payment, please feel free to contact us.